Welcome to 2013

Welcome to 2013. For some of my clients, the year is already shaping up to be a good one. For other clients, it’s still a tough market where every bit of progress has to be fought for.

However, all of them are looking forward not back and that’s the key ingredient in making progress.

For the wider economy, it depends on who you talk to as to whether Europe is recovering from the recession, or about to plunge even deeper into the next one, and let’s face it – nobody really knows what will happen. The construction industry is still nervous – some say they think the worst is yet to come. Other construction companies are more positive.   Retail will continue to have a very tough time and manufacturing also – though it’s a pleasure to hear of manufacturing companies who are bringing their business back to Europe as costs in the Far East escalate to near-Western European levels. I’m an optimist by nature and my view is that it’s not what industry you are in, it’s your approach that will determine whether or not your business will succeed.

If you are professional, positive and permanently planning where your business is going (I love alliteration), you’ll be OK.

Nicky Godding

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